The Sweetest Sweet Sixteen

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 16 years since this cutie was born.

Jen Disney004

I was a little nervous about having Emily’s party in our backyard because we live in California and it just might rain in January.  The most important thing was that she had a great time with her friends, so we moved forward….and checked the weather channel a lot.  The evening was perfect!!!   Everything came together so nicely.  Everyone looked great and I think they all had a great time!  Get comfy, I’m sharing A LOT of images.

Jen Disney001.1Jen Disney074Jen Disney017 Justin took a lot of care in making the floating candles for the pool.  What a great big brother!Jen Disney085Jen Disney051Jen Disney044

Jen Disney012

Jen Disney023

Jen Disney059Jen Disney027

Jen Disney036Jen Disney033Jen Disney030Jen Disney029

Jen Disney067Jen Disney066Jen Disney142

Jen Disney083Jen Disney092Jen Disney125

Jen Disney090

Jen Disney089

Jen Disney091

Jen Disney114Jen Disney093Jen Disney101

Jen Disney152

Jen Disney119Jen Disney111Jen Disney147Jen Disney137Jen Disney136Jen Disney139Jen Disney134Jen Disney170Jen Disney169Jen Disney171Jen Disney117

Jen Disney161Jen Disney160Jen Disney162

Jen Disney123Jen Disney105Jen Disney102Jen Disney133Jen Disney104Jen Disney149Jen Disney108Jen Disney121Jen Disney184Jen Disney127Jen Disney141                  Brother and his friends who take such good care of our girl

Jen Disney135Jen Disney178Jen Disney177
Jen Disney197

Jen Disney180

Jen Disney179We had Yogurtland…Jen Disney183Jen Disney185Jen Disney188   …and a photobooth! Jen Disney088

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Jen Disney073 Jen Disney072Jen Disney098Jen Disney130 Jen Disney110

A million thanks to this lady for these images that allow us to relive such a fun party!  We LOVE you!!Jen Disney198         I love my family!

Jen Disney172I love my babies!!!Jen Disney181        Happy Sweet 16 to our beautiful Emily!!!Jen Disney118

Jen Disney082

Our Dear Friend & Amazing Photographer:  Jen Disney Photography

Dessert Table Backdrop & Beautiful Flowers:  Robinson’s Flowers

Gorgeous Cake & Yummy Sweets:  Simply Irresistible Cakes & CateringYogurtland

Super FUN Photobooth & Awesome Uplights:  Cheesy Photobooths

The Foundation of the Party – Spotlights, Tables, Chairs & Linens:  Create-a-Party

The Cutest Handpainted Chalkboard Signs:  Makenzie Riley – watch for her, she’s going to do great things.  Email for information.

Food made with Love, and Shimmery/Shiny Decor:  Emily’s Family


Wedding Wednesday – Six Degrees of Pleasant Surprises

The older I get, the more I realize that we are all connected and God brings just the right people into our lives at just the right times. It’s also true the longer I’m in the wedding industry. I’m so grateful for the referrals of my past clients and colleagues.  Sometimes, we get connected with people and find out, after the fact, how really connected we are.

You all know how much I adore my friend Jen Disney.  She’s a fun gal!


She and I have been friends ever since we met and worked together on Karen and Andy’s wedding.

Jen Disney71

If my family needs photos, she’s our go-to gal.  If you’re family needs photos, you should go to her too.


We just love her and her boo Tony, that’s what she calls him, not me =)  Aren’t they so cute?!



I was very honored when she asked me to coordinate her wedding at Hurst Ranch.  Brian Carter, who she shoots with quite often, was her videographer.


I got to know and become very fond of Brian as we’ve worked together a few times now.  He’s even taken photos of my son and his friends for their prom last year, which happen to fall on the same weekend as Jen and Tony’s 1 year anniversary.  He is also a great photographer & videographer.  Now I’ve given you two referrals, free of charge =)


Brian was the wedding photographer and Jen was the second shooter for Jenna of Simply Irresistible Cakes & Catering, who I’m collaborating with on a few projects right now. Jenna provided the lovely sweets for my dessert set up at a recent bridal shower and did the dessert table for her cousin Jesse’s wedding, that we coordinated also at Hurst Ranch.




Jesse married Sonia, who is the daughter of Cheryl, my daughter Emily’s first children’s leader at BSF, Bible Study Fellowship.


Sonia went to USC and became friends with Jessica, who is the daughter of a fellow BSF’er, Bettina. I’ve so enjoyed Funday Fridays with Bettina and Jessica in preparation for her and Steven’s December wedding in La Jolla.



God brought all these wonderful people into my life to bless me and my business.   How great to say that I’ve studied the Bible, prayed, shared yummy lunches, had some really meaningful conversations, and had so much fun with them.  I am beyond grateful and look forward to many more degrees of pleasant surprises!

18 Years

That’s the age you’re considered an adult, when you move on beyond high school, when you’re old enough to vote.

To think, we were 18 when we met, our freshmen year in college, and now we’ve been married 18 years.

I love that we got to grow up together.  I love that even though we’re “adults” now, we still have fun like we used to.  I love that we have a loving, trusting marriage because we love and trust in God.

Happy Anniversary~I love you!

We had dinner at The Californian at the Hyatt Huntington Beach and ended the delicious meal with this incredible molten lava cake....yes, it was warm and so yummy!

Jarnette and Frank

Jarnette and Frank are the most laid back couple I have ever met.  They are calm, cool and collected, and we’re so glad we were able to be a part of their special day.  They were referred to us by a past couple and so we got to have a mini reunion at this wedding.  Loved seeing our PS family and catching up with them.

Jarnette is a beautiful girl so I knew she would be gorgeous on her wedding day.  From the way Frank was looking at her all day,  I’m sure he agrees.

It was a beautiful day for a beautiful couple, celebrating with their awesome family and friends.

One of the BEST Matron of Honor speeches ever!


Thank you Sam Lim for these great images.  Looking forward to working with you again this fall.

Venue:  Porter Valley Country Club

Officiant:  Pastor Kurt Fuller

Photographer/Videographer:  Sam Lim Studios

Lighting:  OCAV

Florist:  Pure Elegance

DJ/MC:  Liberty City Entertainment

Photobooth:  Rockstar Photobooth

Cake:  La Creme

Hair and Make up:  Etude Lounge

Wedding Gown:  Shin Bu Bridal

Karen and Andy’s Rustic Wedding

There were clouds looming and a chance of rain, so we did a lot of praying, and the day was perfect!

Karen and her bridesmaids arrived at EV Free Fullerton looking beautiful.  They settled into the bride’s room in the Chapel and began putting the finishing touches on their hair and make up.

Andy and the groomsmen arrived in their tuxes looking handsome and excited for the wedding.

The talented, and oh so fabulous, Jen Disney took the bridal party off-site for some pre-ceremony photos.  In the meantime, we put the finishing touches on the ceremony and reception decor.  Karen and Andy’s very talented friend, Marilyn, made a huge impact on how the rooms looked.  Her eye for decorating and her way of putting together all the rustic elements really carried out exactly what they wanted, plus she is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet.

It was hard to keep my composure during the ceremony, each person involved was a very special part of Karen and Andy’s lives.

After Andy dipped and kissed his new wife, Karen showed the bottom of her shoe showing who she belonged to, then they walked out of the church to “You’ve got a Friend in me” from Toy Story.  Go ahead, you can say it.  (Awwwww!)

A short walk across the church plaza revealed a foyer to the reception room.  You could just smell the yummy food prepared by The Well, and anticipate the fun that was about to take place.

The grand entrance reflected Karen and Andy’s love of hiking with the entire wedding party walking in with backpacks and poles to “I would walk 500 miles.”

From the slideshow to the touching speeches, there was no doubt that Karen and Andy are very loved by their friends and family, and they love them right back.

And what would be the perfect ending to this day?  Sparklers, of course!

What I love about Karen and Andy is their thoughtfulness.  I love the way they look at each other.  I love that I got to spend time with them leading up to, and on, their most special day….so far.  I also love that I not only consider them my clients, but church friends.  I know God will continue to bless them as they continue to love each other.


Venue:  First Evangelical Free Church of Fullerton

Caterer:  The Well

Cake:  Amazing Cakes

Photographer:  Jen Disney Photography

Videographer:  John Fiala

MC:  Keith Melugin

Florist:  M’s Flowers

Karen’s Hair:  Unity Salon

Karen’s Make up:  Amy Niles

Andy’s Hair:  Stev Fregoso

Linens:  Create-a-Party

Valentine’s Day 2012

This is our 21st Valentine’s Day together, we’ve been together exactly half our lives.  We’ve come a long way from being college students, not having enough money to do much, to doing the ridiculously priced flower thing, to trying to do anything special in the midst of our busy schedules.  He had the day off yesterday so we had a lovely lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, Taps in Brea.  It’s so nice when we have those rare moments when I don’t have to be anything but his wife!

We did lunch yesterday because he had to work today and I had a small wedding at our church tonight and now he’s on call till the morning.    Emily came with me to the wedding today and on our way home, we stopped to get daddy’s favorite donuts and we were pleasantly surprised to see that they had heart shaped ones.    No matter how busy we are, we always try to do a little something to show how much we love each other.  Our gestures are simple and that’s just fine by me.

heart shaped donuts on our family platter with a tall glass of milk